In the first part of XII century, after a partial destruction of Monte Corvino medieval centre decreed by Ruggiero il Normanno, the local population took cover in Motta, Volturino and in Pietra caves.
Maybe, this is the origin of Pietramontecorvino which is now present on the Italian guide ‘the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy’ and has the orange flag of Touring Club Italiano.
The historical centre of Pietramontecorvino-called Terravecchia- partially preserve the architectural peculiarities of the medieval structure, with tuff houses which are dug out of the tuff rock itself.
The Santa Maria dell’Assunta church, built at the end of the XII century, is precious, and preserves a chapel
of the Renaissance, the Tintos’ cenotaph(1567) and a Baroque altar.
The quadrangular bell-tower, of a typical medieval style, has a green and yellow majolica on the top.
The Norman Tower and the Ducal Palace, an arrangement of the historical-artistic richness of Pietramontercorvino, are not to be missed.

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