Located on three hills, at 230 m above sea level, in the northerrn Apulians we find Lucera.
This town had a very important political, cultural and economic role, in Southern Italian history, from the time of the Roman Empire until the XIX century.
The presence of important and valued monuments makes Lucera a real jewel of Foggia province.
The principal statement of Lucera as a Roman colony ,faithful and reliable ally during the punic war, is represented by the Roman Amphitheatre dedicated to Caesar Augustus and recently redecorated.
The most sumptuos period was under the rule of Federico II of Swabia, who at the beginning of the XIII century decided to settle in Lucera moving a lot of Saracen families from Sicily and erecting the ‘palatium, which was a castle of which you can still admire the ruins.
The Swabian castle became then an Angioin Fortress ,during the kingdom of Carlo d’Angiò, who built also, in 1300, the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral famous for the rose window on the facade.

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