In a region like Puglia that has eight hundred kilometers of coastline, the least we can offer our Masseria is a mini cruise on a sailing boat, to discover one of the most beautiful of our land: the Gargano.

the cruise
The tour touches some of the most beautiful places, starting from the coast overlooking the sea tract that combines morning to the stacks of Zagare Bay. The beaches, carved into the white cliffs, are interrupted here and there by caves and spikes of rock. Some, perhaps the finest, are accessible only by sea. Exceeded the Architello Bay San Pugnochiuso happy and head towards Vieste: here the coast is sweetened and forests of Aleppo pine relax until the beaches of fine sand.

A salute to Pizzomunno, the solitary rock wrapped in legend, and it turns into the wonderful Peschici, town overlooking the sea. The spectacle of the woods lapping sea, clear and unpolluted, is indistinguishable from the terraces of citrus that can be seen higher, looking towards the city of oranges, Vico del Gargano.

Between Peschici and Rodi Gargano one can see, clinging to the cliff, trebuchets, the old wooden machines for fishing as spiders, squeak and move his long arms to sink the nets at sea.

Only one thing we can not describe with words and is the variety of scents from the coast, the sea and the woods down to the sea. The pungent smell of the maquis of oregano and rosemary, rock rose and fragrance of the pines do not ever forget.

Aboard the kitchen is a pleasure that engages the senses: the live fish, shellfish and seafood are freshly prepared to capture the flavors and freshness. A glass of white wine from our cellar and the sunset over the sea will do the rest.

the yatch
The Seathink 4.7.7. is a unique boat, with details and finish. Thanks to the wide spaces can travel comfortably up to nine people. In his 14 meters tonnage are three cabins and a large dinette with two bathrooms. Comfort is total thanks to the comfortable stern area where you can have lunch or sunbathing and sea access is guaranteed by a large door.

Seathink is not only convenient but also a yatch boat capable of racing performance.
Seathink, in fact, has been built with the method dell’infusion, which makes the hull stiffer and lighter. The hull is the result of the latest research in the field of fluid dynamics. The keel “T” comes directly from the experience applied to the America’s Cup boats and the TP52, to ensure maximum performance and safety.

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