Troia, the ancient Aecae, welcomes the traveler in the almost unreal silence of its old town perched on a hill overlooking the entire Capitanata (Foggia province)
As the story goes,Troia was founded in the XII-XI century b.C., at the same time of Diomede, the greek hero, who conquered ,with Ulyssis, the town of Troy in Asia.
The town preserve many treasures that make it one of the most charming medieval villages throughout in the southern Italy.
Among all, the beautiful co-cathedral (founded in 1093) is one of the most beautiful churches in Roman style, with its eleven rays rosewindow on the facade, the only one in the world.
The tourist can also admire the Leo Fattazzi, a famous contemporary artist, artworks, in the beautiful San Secondo square. The three works include the magnificent “Birth of Neptune” work in which the artist mentions his great master Botticelli. The walk through Troia can be completed with a visit to the St. Basil and St. Francis churches and the Antonio Calandra‚Äôs house ,the famous stateman in the twentieth century, who was born here in 1853.

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