Monte S. Angelo

Monte Sant’Angelo is located on a Gargano spur in a wooded area not
far from the sea.
The charming St. Michael Archangel sanctuary is
World Heritage Site UNESCO, part of the most authoritative
Cultural Heritage of the world, the World Heritage List.
The construction of the santuary,dates back to the thirteenth century by Charles I
of Anjou. The portal has bronze doors and through the Angevin staircase
leads to apparitions cave, dated 490 AD and completely dug
in the rock, place of cult and pilgrimage famous in the world.
The entire town evokes the Middle Ages through his Grotte and Junno
quarters, caracterized by low houses, white, sloping roofs and staircases which give the
tourist the feeling of walking in a natural size crib.
Noteworthy the Pulsano Abbey where yhe friars still practice religion
Catholic Latin and Byzantine rite. The abbey is surrounded by various hermitages
which were being used as home. Often to access them the
hermits were obliged to use ropes or ladders.

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