Food is not only nourishment for the body (flesh?); it is culture, tradition, a connection with the land and its own origins.

The cuisine of the Masseria Celentano restaurant is founded exactly on these ideals, and the recipes, which created by Donna Adele’s wise hands, are made from only high quality ingredients.

Vegetables, fresh or under oil, grown in our garden, animals, raised in loco, and homemade pasta recall smells and flavours typical of the Daunia, marking a lasting bond between the Land and the Food.

You will be surprised when tasting simple dishes, well-balanced and essential, rich in fragrance of the land, with distinct and enchanting tastes.

But, in our dishes extra-virgin olive oil is the real wealth of the Apulia.
Our high quality Oil “Citerna” is produced from the centuries-old olive grove, situated all around the Masseria, and from those situated on the
hill, near the medieval village of Pietramontecortecorvino, the birth place of Aberto Longo, the owner of the manor farm.

Tasting extra-virgin olive oil with all our products, such as grilled meats, local cheeses mozzarella, homemade cured meats, and elaborate meat sauces, ,made by Donna Adele,the heart of our culinary creations, enrich your holiday in Masseria Celentano with a gastronomic tour which will stay in your heart for all your life.

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